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Setup Img Burer

Windows 7 loader

windows 7 loader that used to activate

window disable

SNote 2.0

SNote Release Beta Version to improve more. After Beta test Orginal SNote 2.0 will be release.

Ecosia Search Engine

Ecosia Search Engine

SNote - Text Editor

New Note pad application created by sojebsoft

Windows 10 Activator

It activate windows

Spad Web - For your web code

Spadweb is a text editor. Originally developed by sojebsoft.

window refreasher

Windows Loader for Windiws 7 sojebsoft sojeb sikder

using Windows Loader you can activate your windows 7.sojebsoft.sojeb sikder

sojeb assistant- open source virtual assistant

this is open source application created by sojebsoft

Spad - A Simple notepad

this is a notepad with some xtra application into this. use secret code into the application to unlock more feature.

BarCode and QrCode

Using this application you can encode and decode barcode and qr code